Greystone on Golden Lake

Greystone on Golden Lake, located in the beautiful Ottawa Valley, is paradise! You would be crazy not to go and see it for yourself. It is a family business, renting out charming Canadian-style cottages by the water front, with a great taste for detail, as well as the magnificent bed and breakfast, inside the impressive Greystone Manor. I was fortunate enough to spend two summers here so far in 2015,2016, and wouldn’t need to think twice about coming back again this summer. The cottages are rented out on a weekly basis to families escaping the busy city life on the east side of Algonquin Park. Facilities and things to do at Greystone are endless, from relaxing, hiking, fishing, sight seeing to all sorts of water activities. Take a look through some of the pictures and Must-Dos below.

Things to do…

Greystone offers a great variety of outdoor activities. Guests are welcome to use bikes (even a tandem bike), canoes, kayaks, paddle boards free of charge. The outdoor pool is fantastic for kids and comes with a water slide and a diving board. Many guests even bring their own boats and fishing gear, hoping for a great catch of bass or pike. Situated close to the premises is Blueberry Mountain, where guests can enjoy a lovely hike up and enjoy the views over Golden Lake and Round Lake (watch out for the bears!). The manor is comfortably decorated, with plenty of space to sit and enjoy a book, play the piano and also comes with a gym in the basement. Other places nearby include, Foy beach (with beautiful red sands), Bonnechere caves, Hugli’s Blueberry Ranch (where you can pick your own blueberries) and of course the famous Algonquin Park (for a true taste of wilderness). For a true Canadian outdoor experience I recommend to go whitewater rafting on the sublime Ottawa rive, famous for it’s former logging routes. HorizonX Rafting (located in Grand-Calumet, Quebec) will take you on an adrenaline trip and even offer midnight tours on a crisp full moon. What are you waiting for?

To finish off a day in style, come down to the fire pit, roast some Smores and share some great banter over a refreshing beer. For more info click here

Time to Eat

The valley offers some great eating locations as well as locally grown food. Breakfasts at Greystone are legendary and a perfect start to a great day. Vegetables are grown in the backyard and freshly picked every single morning. The breakfast room will make you feel royal with its beautifully equipped tables and views.

Other places include the Sands on highway 60, the Cottage Cup (waffle fries) and the Wilno Tavern (Polish restaurant with live music on Tuesday nights). Be sure to check out the Killaloe famers market on Saturdays for the best local produce. Last but not least, go and visit the Whitewater Brewery in Cobden for some amazingly crisp brews and tasty food. For those with a sweet tooth, I encourage to visit the first BeaverTails in the charming Irish town of Killaloe, which were invented here in 1978. Come and try some delicious fried dough pastries in the shape of a beavers tail with all sorts of tasty toppings. A must do! Even former President Barack Obama is a fan 😉

Algonquin Park

A must do and must see for outdoor junkies and nature lovers. Algonquin Park is a 7,653 km² provincial park located an hour away from Greystone. It is absolutely fantastic for hiking and canoeing. There is a great chance to encounter wildlife in it’s natural habitat such as the North American Moose and Black bear. The logging museum and the park museum give you a great insight about what life used to be like in the valley and how the precious eco-system works. If you’re up for a little hike you can see spectacular views over Barron Canyon. Gorgeous at any time of the year! A little hidden on the East side of the park, locals know where to find the natural rock slide, where families enjoy a natural wonderland of lakes, rivers and water falls. My friends and I grabbed our gear and went canoeing, crossing three lakes, and set up camp for the night. An unforgettable experience. A sense of freedom you just don’t get with other holidays. I loved every moment of it and rate it 10/10.

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Thank you guys for checking out my post and stay tuned for what’s next to come. I really hope you make the trip and visit Greystone very soon. Here’s a little video about beautiful Greystone. Enjoy 🙂

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    Hi Michael, congrats on the new blog! Hast du toll gemacht! Was für einen schönen Ort! Danke für den Link. Jetzt können wir immer wissen, wo du dich herumtreibst.

    Viel Erfolg damit! 😉

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